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Decanter 2018
Mundus Vini 2020 - Aszú 6p 13
Vinagora 2017 gold

Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013

Queen of an excellent vintage for aszú wines. Golden in color, elegantly swirls in the glass. Fresh and fruity on the nose with citrus aromas. In taste it presents fine acidity together with the complexity typical for the greatest wines. This wine is a classical 6 puttonyos aszú with a great potential for aging.

Suggested temperature for consumption is 11 ºC.

Wine analytics:

Alcohol: 10,58 %
Residual sugar: 197 g/l
Titratable acidity: 8,1 g/l
Volume: 0,5 l

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13.500HUF13.500 HUF(38,48 €) each
12.370 HUF(35,25 €) per unit for buying at least 6


Wine description


Mezőzombor - Galambos vineyard
The soil is typically brown forest soil, but there are loess spots in it. The subsoil is rhyolite, which is almost completely covered with a rhyolite tuff.
Tarcal - Terézia vineyard
The soil is an optimal blend of loess and brown forest soil, which has similar subsoil to Galambos, but it rests on a perlite cone.


The vineyards were replanted between 1999 and 2010, using 1,8 m and 2 m row spacing and 0,8 m between the vines according to the modern grape growing technology. We use 2 bud spur-pruning and the yield control is 1,5 kg / vine. All of our vineyards are under organic cultivation since 2009.


The start of the year posed problems. Spring came late and there was prolonged snowfall in March. May was cool and rainy. The period of protracted flowering resulted very long harvest period. Summer only truly began in the middle of June, and hot, dry weeks followed. The grapes made up the lost ground in their growth. Bunches for dry wines ripened by mid-September and it was followed by development of perfect aszú berries thanks to the right weather conditions.


Thanks to the favourable September weather, botrytisation began on the clusters and a large amount of excellent quality aszú grapes could be harvested. Aszú berries picked berry by berry by hand had very high quality thanks to the outstanding vintage.
18 hours maceration of aszú berries in fermenting juice with cultured yeast. Pressed in a pneumatic tank press at very mild pressure. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, aged in Hungarian new and one-year-old oak barrels for 20 months.
Date of bottling: 7th April 2016.


Furmint 100%

Tasting notes

The wine has a straw hay colour. There is candied orange peel and quince marmalade coupled with peach on the nose. There are plenty of tastes popping up on the palate. The first impression is honey-like with a delicate citrus character, then peach appears. The honeycomb toffee creates an exciting aftertaste. This wine is really amazing at its youth but the great complexity will evolve by further ageing.

Drinking temperture

11 °C

Food pairing

It can be a perfect match to many desserts as well as foie gras or blue cheese.


3915 Tarcal, Terézia kert 9.