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Aszútörköly Pálinka 2019

The story of our pálinka

In 2019, Gróf Degenfeld Wine Estate first created the latest product of its product range. It made an old dream come true. The aszú berries used as the raw material for this pálinka come from 100% self-owned, organically cultivated areas.
Our first pálinka have been made in limited edition and can only be purchased in our web shop and in the wine shop of our castle hotel.

Alcohol: 42%
Volume: 500 ml

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8.950HUF8.950 HUF(25,51 €) each

Liquors information


Following the dry winter, the weather turned rainy, thus the crop protection posed great challenges. With the help of organic methods, we managed to protect the grapes during the short, dry periods. The summer was accompanied by a lot of precipitation, which lasted until the end of August. The vintage 2019 provided excellent dry base wines, and with the advent of the Indian summer, we were able to harvest beautiful botrytized Aszú berries.


The row material was the so called aszú pasta, which has been pressed after soaking in Aszú base wine. The aszú marc was enriched with its own lees and then stored protected from oxygen. In the pálinka distillery, using state of the art technology, a one-stage distillation was carried out using a refining distillation column, with the aim to preserve the aszú aromas. The separation of the pre- and post-distillate was conducted.

Tasting notes

Its scent evokes pressed aszú berries, while the scent of raisins and roasted walnuts is also perceptible. During the tasting, the botrytis-like character is present in the background. In addition to the roasted walnut notes present in the flavour, you can also discover the taste of crushed poppy seeds. It is characterized by a complexity of aromas and flavours that blends harmoniously with the non-intrusive degree of alcohol. Elegant and creamy. A long-finish pálinka that fills the whole mouth.

Drinking temperture

Optimal consumption temperature is between 18-20°C. We recommend to taste it by sipping from a tulip-shaped glass.

Food pairing

Perfect as a digestif.


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