The chapel located on the top of the Theresa-hill was built by Count Antal Grassalkovich in honour for Maria Theresa and her generous donations. Since the Second World War it had been posing mostly in ruins.  The Count Degenfeld family refurbished it in 2015, and today it is one of the remarkable stops of the Maria-lane passing through Tarcal. A walking path throught the vineyards leads direct to the chapel from the hotel or you can drive there by car. The chapel with the surrounding green park provides a unique, stunning place for engagements, wedding ceremonies, christenings and other events.


Wedding Venue

Church weddings can be held in the unique settings of our estate, offering an exceptional facility for throwing the wedding bouquet.

Shooting Engagement Photos

After shooting the most stunning photos of your engagement in the supremely popular castle park, it is worth walking up to the hill, since the chapel faces west, which makes it an ideal place for taking unforgettable sunset photos.


Our chapel is open for all religious congregations to meet its new members in this place blessed with its special atmosphere..



3915 Tarcal, Terézia kert 9.