Borjour Magnum 2012

20. February 2012.

The Borjour team again did themselves proud by conjouring up a perfect venue, professional organization and countless wine-lovers at the same place, at the same time. Many headed straight for our Muscat Blanc (still going by the appellation of Lunel then). They received a short explanation of the wine’s name and enjoyed a taste of it, resulting in an abundance of praise. If we are entered to be “the Wine of Borjour” and the visitors to the expo can vote, we are sure to take the laurels.

Most tasters emphasised the intensive aroma of the wine and the discernable lightness and fruitness in the mouth. Many were keen to get to know the "green Muscat Lunel".

Our Furmint also received many enthusiastic expressions of approval. Visitors recommended it to one another and plaudits have even been preserved on a blog: "From the white wines, the Furmints were my favourites, the 2009 by Gróf Degenfeld, for example..." ( To finish with, our Fortissimo also proved a popular choice towards the end of the event.

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„Gyalázod a bort, hogy nem ád eszet?
Mi hathatósabb a bornál ugyan?
Nem látod: az ember, hogyha jót iszik,
Mily dús, pörét megnyerte, végrehajt
Mindent, barátját fölsegéli; boldog.
Hozz hát nekem egy kancsóval: az eszem
Hadd áztatom meg s mondok egy okost.”

Arisztophanész: Ész-áztató bor
Gróf Degenfeld Castle Hotel ****
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